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Colac Cinemas can organize a great night out for any group.

With discount prices and first class facilities we are sure to have what you are looking for.

Running a fundraising event at Colac Cinemas

Fundraising can be made easy by following our 4 Simple steps.

Step 1: Choose your movie

Preferably a new movie, so that you get more people to your event

Step 2: Choose your Date and Time

Refer to our Booking Sheet or call Box Office on 52 322 077 to discuss

Step 3: Choose the Price of your tickets

Set a price for your tickets. We recommend Adults $15 tickets

Cinema charge is $10 per Ticket and your Group receives $5 per ticket

Step 4: Organizing Tables and Urn for Supper.

Please fill out our Booking Sheet for your groups fundraising event, after the sheet is filled out we can have it set up on the date and time your event is held, with “No Mess” and “No Fuss” for you to worry about. (You will need to provide Tea, Coffee, Food Etc for your group’s supper)


If you would like to hold a group booking for a large group prices as follows:

Type of group booking
20 - 100 people
$10.00 per person
101 - 250 people
$9.00 per person
More than 250 people
$8.00 per person


Download an application form now!